Digital storytelling to me is clearly a tool that can be used in the classroom for nearly any audience. Adult learners in a corporate environment are the audience that I interact with. The article ‘6 Reasons You Should Be Doing Digital Storytelling With Your Students’ by Anna Warfield touches on the value of digital storytelling in the classroom. I found that this article provides further evidence to support digital storytelling when engaging adult learners and that any learners can benefit from the use of digital storytelling.

Digital storytelling helps learners practice leadership traits. Learners are able to take initiative and learn more about themselves and their audience in the process. I work with adult learners and teaching basic leadership skills is part of what I design and deliver. Asking learners to produce a digital story creates many positive outcomes. The art of self-reflection and building confidence are two of these outcomes. As the author points out, creative and analytical thinking are also developed.

Digital storytelling also provides an opportunity to develop a working knowledge of technology. The workplace continues to evolve and technology is increasingly applied as a tool to perform and complete different tasks. In addition, interaction with digital storytelling allows students to practice giving constructive feedback to peers.

Digital storytelling supports critical thinking and traditional writing practices. Students must ask themselves questions about the message, audience, and many other facets of the storytelling process. Writing is still very much a part of everyday life and the process of composing a digital story is much like writing a story.

The author makes a case for using digital storytelling as a means of assessment. I have not given this idea much attention until know. When I consider the adult learners that I interact with, digital storytelling could be used to evaluate what was learned. Providing a digital storytelling activity would be a change from the usual written assessment. Digital storytelling would provide a greater sense of freedom and application of critical thinking. There would have to be some rules established to keep learners on track, but the overall experience could have a powerful impact on the overall learning experience.