Johnnie Walker – The Man Who Walked Around The World


Many companies use digital storytelling to inform us about whom they are and the products they provide. Johnny Walker has a very engaging digital story that informs us of the birth of a product that has become recognized all around the world. This production, which runs about 6 minutes, flows seamlessly in one continual take. It is appropriate that the story is told while the narrator, Robert Carlyle, walks down a road. As we walk along the road there are many props along the way that represent milestones in the story. This is a nice touch because it supports the story and validates that it is true.

We learn about Johnny Walker, the life he lived, the business decisions he made and about his descendants. We also learn about the product, the shape of the bottles, the label intentionally placed at a 24-degree angle, and the blended scotch itself. The pace of the narration, supported by music, contributes to a peaceful walk with the narrator, ultimately moving forward seamlessly.

Before we realize it, the story concludes and leaves the feeling that although this story is over Johnny Walker is walking. Overall, this is a really engaging digital story supported by clever narration, a nice musical score, and props that support the narration as we move along with the narrator.

Using Jason Ohler’s Assessment Traits I have chosen to use Story, Project Planning, and Writing.




How well did the story work? This trait can address structure, engagement, character transformation or any of the other qualities of story discussed in Part II. In fact, an entire rubric can be devoted to evaluating the quality


The story works well. I was impressed with the timing and pace of the dialogue. The introduction of props to support the story is also nicely timed. Overall the character walking down a road, passing milestones and the consistent delivery of narration supports the evolution of Johnny Walker and also plays to the name Walker.
Project planning


Is there evidence of solid planning, in the form of story maps, scripts, storyboards, etc.?


This is a professional production and the time is well spent. The narration is engaging and quickly sets the tone. Planning and storyboarding is evident as we travel down the road and we are supported by the regular use of physical props.


What was the quality of the student’s written work exhibited in the planning documents, research, etc.?


The digital story is about 6 minutes in duration and yet when I watched, this production was over before I knew it. The actor used was appropriate being Scottish and delivered the narration in a forceful manner. When Robert Carlyle first speaks he commands our attention and continues until the end. This is evidence of the quality of the written work used to support this production.