Digital Story Critique

Digital Storytelling – Starbucks


Who doesn’t want to know more about Starbucks, considering there is one within walking distance no matter where you are located? This digital story about Starbucks is incredibly informative and the pace is very quick. I learned more about Starbucks, and while I’m not a regular customer, I do like to pick up a Doppio Espresso on occasion.

This story is broken into a couple of different parts. There is an intro that establishes the history, a part that focuses on the relationship between Starbucks and the consumer, and a brief section about continued growth and globalization. Breaking the story up into distinct parts keeps the viewer’s attention and allows a succinct story to be told.

Overall this provides a quick delivery and at times the pace is too quick. The story does a great job at addressing the history of Starbucks and the important role of the consumer in its business decisions. I did not know that Japan was Starbucks highest performing overseas market. The next time I visit Starbucks I am likely, even if briefly, to remember this story.

Using Jason Ohler’s assessment traits I have selected sense of audience, presentation and performance, and project planning. This story works in many ways, but there are a couple of misses for me. First, the pacing is too quick at times and some of the information passes by before I can absorb it. Second, The narration is upbeat and engaging, up until the last 30 seconds. At this point the narrator sounds exhausted and short of breath. The music, pictures, and additional content work well together and the narration is well scripted.

Sense of audience How well did the story respect the needs of the audience? While the story worked at being informative I feel that the pace was a bit too quick. Slowing the pace would allow the viewer to engage more fully. I do have to consider if the rapid pace was intentional. Similar to a coffee buzz and the subsequent crash at the end.
Presentation and performance How effective was the student’s actual presentation or performance? This includes burning a DVD, posting the story on the Web site effectively, performing it before an audience, or whatever the assignment required. Overall the presentation is engaging and works well on YouTube.
Project planning Is there evidence of solid planning, in the form of story maps, scripts, storyboards, etc.? There is evidence of solid planning through the use of music, images, and narration.