A Road Travelled

The Evolution Of The Digital Storytelling Practice

This was an interesting read and given its political focus on socioeconomic struggles, it is relevant during this election cycle of 2016. Joe Lambert shares his life experiences and interactions with counter-culture movements to define digital storytelling as a valuable tool to deliver individual and group perspectives. This sharing of perspectives fosters empathy, understanding and drives a call to action to bring change for a nation that continues to struggle with a stratified society.

I was impressed with Joe when he shared that he learned Chinese and visited Chinatown and Japantown in San Francisco. By learning Chinese he was much more engaged and his ability to effectively communicate with different people had to be very much improved. He further immerses himself in environments that many others would consider unwelcoming due to a lack of understanding. His experience is important to the evolution of digital storytelling for him. This immersion connects him deeply and allows for a more meaningful message to be shaped and delivered.

I appreciate Joe’s observation of stories leading to more stories, and how that progression leads to greater understanding. As we observe with Joe, the power of digital storytelling, we also learn how producing digital stories evolves. The production times are becoming compressed and the content becomes richer. Then, there are workshops and partnerships, and digital storytelling has become more than just informing. Digital stories are now instructing and driving small curriculum design efforts.

Joe Lambert shares a pretty incredible story. I believe for him that digital storytelling has its roots in the cultural activist traditions of the late 1960’s. I enjoyed learning about his story and the triumphs and tragedies. Sharing the uneasiness of being in the dotcom bubble and the reward of working with Dana Atchley with Reaganomics in the background really added to the fabric of this story. I was happy to read it and gain a better understanding of the evolution of digital storytelling and the widespread appeal and value it has to individuals, communities ,and organizations alike.