Walking Down The Hallway – Digital Short Story



Walking Down The Hallway is an effective short digital story. This story calls attention to one individuals experience with bullying. Bullying is familiar to many of us. You may have been the victim of bullying, or perhaps you know a friend or relative that was affected by bullying. While this story brings attention to bullying, it also allows for self-reflection and assists in providing the ability to move forward, even if it comes through a surprise relocation.

This story begins with bullying and there is a nice intro of a dark hallway, which to me represents the bad place where the story is headed. Music fades into the background to help create an uneasy feeling. We are presented with images in black and white, and the narration begins to tell the story. There is an image that stood out to me and that is of a person far away and obscured. This is a great example of showing the isolation felt by victims of bullying. The narrator begins to share how he felt like that near the end.

The images brighten up and the tone of the narration becomes a bit more upbeat, but not overly so. We learn that the narrator is moving with his family to upstate New York. While the narrator shares his apprehension for the move, there is also a feeling of relief.

The story ends well and the bullying fades into the background. The narrator has survived his ordeal and has become a successful student in college. This story ends where it began, taking one step at a time down the hallway.

Using Jason Ohler’s Assessment Traits as a guide I have chosen to use media application, presentation/ performance, and economy. This story, while engaging, has room for improvement. I liked that the story starts out with bullying and ends well with the narrator escaping that environment, however I feel the transition happened too quickly. There was also an opportunity to make more of a statement by changing the music in the background to something lighter and quicker once the bullying experience was left behind. Overall, this short digital story was well done.

Media application


Was the use of media appropriate, supportive of the story, balanced and well considered?


The use of pictures, music, narration and text was appropriate. I like the transition from black and white to color as the story progressed.
Presentation and performance


How effective was the student’s actual presentation or performance? This includes burning a DVD, posting the story on the Web site effectively, performing it before an audience, or whatever the assignment required.


The presentation was effective and the choice to upload to YouTube worked well.


Was the information presented through the story sifted, prioritized and told without bird walking or detours, as described in Part III?


This is a brief story and moves along quickly. The music and narration are slow and this masks the overall pace. The story is straightforward with no detours.