I am always amazed by the amount of things that can happen in a short amount of time. This digital story presented by Google is an excellent example of this. “Google Search: Reunion” is a touching story that happens in 3 ½ minutes.


The story begins simply with an engaging and attention getting scene that frames the place where this story takes place. A grandfather is telling a childhood story about a friend with whom he became separated from when India and Pakistan became two distinct places. The granddaughter becomes inspired and uses Google to accomplish a reunion of friends separated by many decades.

The story flows seamlessly and all the characters work together to deliver a very heartfelt story of happiness. Each scene flows into the next and is further unified in the background by a musical score. This musical score continues to define mood and place. Music plays a very important role in promoting an emotional response.

This digital story also gives voice to Google services. I’m well aware that Google can be a powerful tool, but if I had not, my perspective would certainly after watching this story. The manner in which Google is promoted throughout this story is almost invisible, but maybe this digital story is all about Google. Overall, this is a very good production. As a viewer I experienced many different emotions determining in the end that Google is a pleasure to use.

Using the assets provided by Jason Ohler I chose to evaluate this presentation using Story, Flow/Organization/Pacing and Sense of audience. I’m not sure how this story could be improved. Instead I would like to ask, “How do you think this story could be improved?” Google Search: Reunion is touching and memorable, with an overarching purpose- to remember Google is there for you.







How well did the story work? This trait can address structure, engagement, character transformation or any of the other qualities of story discussed in Part II. In fact, an entire rubric can be devoted to evaluating the quality



The story works very well. The characters are engaging, the imagery is thoughtful and the music supports emotional involvement.


Flow, organization and pacing




Was the story well organized? Did it flow well, moving from part to part without bumps or disorientation, as described in Part III?



Google Search: Reunion is not short of flow. This story moves along smoothly and each scene blends into the next. This production is very well done.


Sense of audience




How well did the story respect the needs of the audience?


This story respects the needs of almost anyone to be found as the audience. It is a very nice story and Google is obviously pitched, but it is effective.