At first I was intimidated by this assignment, so I visited the DS106 bank and searched for something that interested me. I found a topic titled Make It 800% slower and the example given was a song by Justin Bieber called U Smile that is slowed down 800%. This incredible lengthening of the song results in a very surreal rendition.

I listened to the track U Smile and was really impressed by how different the song made me feel. Not to be outdone, I saw this as a challenge. My decision was to make something that competed with the Justin Bieber example. I wanted something that would sound unknown and uncomfortable.

I have listened to Nine Inch Nails since introduction to the music world. To me, Trent Reznor is an extremely talented artist who offers unique sound. I selected to work with a song titled Lights in the sky that is the seventh track off the album The Slip. I was impressed with the results once I slowed it down 800%. The song becomes very odd, even somewhat creepy, but not terrorizing way. I could see this playing in the background of a Sci-Fi horror movie. Please take a moment to listen to and enjoy the track. Feel free to skip around. Your ears may be surprised by what you hear. Click the image below to listen to the track. Use headphones for greater impact.


I used Adobe Auditions and Soundcloud to complete this assignment.