How to Master the Art of Storytelling on Snapchapt


Snapchat is used by many as a social media toy to create and deliver temporary messages. When Snapchat was first introduced, Generation Z and Millennials snapped it up and began communicating with ease. As Snapchat has aged, so has its users. Today, Snapchat is used by a wide variety of age groups to deliver short term/temporary messages. Users are not likely aware that they are actually delivering digital stories.

“It’s no secret that Snapchat has its limitations, but to become an influencer you have to think creatively outside of these boundaries. Add multiple “layers” to your snaps. These can be drawings, emojis, filters and music.”

– Austin Luliano

I recently installed the Snapchat App on my smart device and quickly noticed that it has limitations. Similar to Austin Luliano’s, observation in his article, “How to Master the Art of Storytelling on Snapchat,” I too immediately felt these limitations. This was frustrating at first, but with a little help from my teen daughter, I began to explore what Snapchat can do. The limitations I experienced challenged me to communicate in a different way. I had to practice creativity which included unusual angles, adding layers such as emojis, and occasionally music.

I was soon delivering Snapchat messages on a regular basis and probably just irritating my friends and family with my new toy. I started to realize that Snapchats matter and that they produce a reaction in whoever I send one to. Austin Luliano suggests in his article to investigate other users of Snapchat and discover what makes a great story. As it turns out, a great story has a beginning, middle and end. Once I applied this and was thoughtful in my narrative, my digital stories became more meaningful. I noticed that my friends and Family on Snapchat would respond more often.

“When you share audiences and collaborate you both become more successful. You both gain more followers and build a bigger community. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats.”

– Austin Lulino

I was establishing a community and building relationships; Snapchat became a rewarding experience. Snapchat literally rewards users for accomplishing certain things such as consecutive daily snaps, using text in snaps, using filters and using Snapchats video feature. It is fun, and my brother, who lives out of state, who also happens to be my biggest fan, is communicating with me every day. I asked him to join the Snapchat community and I may have created a monster, but that is a story in and of itself.

In the article, Austin Luliano touches on collaboration for fun, and for success. While this is just a small part of the article, it is very important. As mentioned earlier building a community and creating meaningful relationships using Snapchat is rewarding. Currently, I’m working on building a community and composing meaningful stories. In the future I would like to experiment with marketing myself. How well can Snapchat portray a skill set? That, for me, is yet to be seen.