I was searching for digital stories and I came across one that was quite endearing and human. As I clicked through the story, I couldn’t help being overcome with an overwhelming sensation. The story is about a small town in Canada’s Northwest Territory called Pine Point. Pine Point is interesting because it was a mining town that existed for a brief time and then was erased from the map.


The story focuses on a handful of characters including the narrator whom I hear only briefly. We learn how the town came into being. Built on the mining industry to house employees and their families. All the things associated with a small town show up, schools, grocery stores, a motel or two, a skating rink and some places to get a drink. This story focuses on a high school class somewhere during the 80’s. This story literally placed me down my own memory lane. I tried to recall past experiences and old friendships, which for me had also drifted away, and similar to the Pine Point story, some of my memories were crystal clear and others were so faded that details are impossible to make out.

This digital story had many elements that made it enjoyable and memorable. The story is interactive which is fun. As the viewer you have the power to move forward or backward in the story. There are “clicks” set up that cause a video to play or move objects around on the screen. The music in the background brings completeness to the entire experience. It’s funny how easily music can define something. I know that on occasion I’ll hear a tune on the radio and I’m immediately drawn back to some distant memory like it was just an hour ago.

Overall I feel this digital story was very well done. Anyone with an ounce of curiosity should take time to view and interact with Pine Point Northwest Territory.

Using assets provided by Jason Ohler I have chosen to evaluate this presentation using Voice, Flow/Organization/Pacing, and Research. This story really provides it all. A strong voice and a very believable human element existed throughout. I feel like the only thing that would make this digital story better would be if it engaged a sense of smell or touch, which we know is very difficult to deliver online. Maybe there are ways to accomplish this such as instructing a participant to fetch a handful of leaves and an old spoon before taking this journey-just ideas!





How creative was the production? Did the student exhibit an original sense of voice and a fresh perspective?


The voice of the producers came through strongly and was immediately engaging. The voices from the handful of characters, including the town was also apparent and engaging.
Flow, Organization and Pacing




Was the story well organized? Did it flow well, moving from part to part without bumps or disorientation, as described in Part III?


The story was well organized and it did flow well. The ability to click at your own pace was welcome. I never felt out of place or lost.




Was the student’s project well researched?


The presentation was well researched, and not only were we introduced to characters we also followed up with them later in life. The same is true for the town.