Where do I begin? There are so many items on my bucket list that I had to pause and really consider a few that would not only be fun to accomplish, but also fun to share. I composed this visual using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


  1. I would really enjoy traveling to Iceland to camp underneath the stars and the Aurora Borealis. I have always been intrigued by this phenomenon. I remember learning about the Aurora Borealis as a child. Being able to visualize Earth’s magnetic field as it interacts with charged particles from the sun creating light. Throw in a little desolation, glaciers, and the proper equipment and that would equate to perfection!
  2. A visit to Hawaii is worthy of making anybody’s bucket list. Although I do desire a visit to Hawaii, I am little bit more selective in my purpose. A hike up Mauna Kea is a must. There is a reason that some of the most powerful observatories are located there. Secluded from light and air pollution. Make my way up on a moonless night and the Milky Way would surely dazzle.
  3. Meeting Keanu Reeves is indeed on my bucket list. If you haven’t already, I suggest that you take some time to learn a little about this guy even if he is not your favorite actor. Keanu is an incredibly generous person and lives a pretty low-key lifestyle for a movie star. He is also involved in a custom motorcycle business named ARCH Motorcycle Company. These are not just your run of the mill custom motorcycles. These are custom fitted to each individual similar to being fitted by a tailor. Whoa, meeting him and seeing his cycle creations!
  4. Japanese culture is definitely one that I would like to become better acquainted with. What better way than to attend Sumo Wrestling. I’m positive that this would be a very memorable event and I would love for my family to join me. To witness the tradition and to feel the energy in the only place where Sumo is practiced professionally would be a real treat.

I really enjoyed this assignment and I spent more time on it than I had anticipated, primarily defining my top items. A bucket list is not something most of us think about very often. I, for example, get wrapped up in work, school, chores, family, pets, etc. It is nice to take a step back and consider some things that may be a stretch, but are definitely possible. Perhaps we should all consider making time to mark off a few Bucket List items. Live well!