The Power of Digital Story

By Bob Dillon


As an Instructional Designer who is required to engage adults regularly, I found this article inspiring. I began to ask myself questions about how I can further engage my audience using digital storytelling. Is it possible in my environment to have participants create a digital story that enforces material to be learned and applied? I address leadership development and I feel that if participants created a digital story to reflect on their leadership strengths and weaknesses, it could be largely beneficial. I also feel that if the digital storytelling assignment were to be assigned to smaller groups, that teamwork would be improved as a result. A great deal of listening and understanding of different perspectives could be achieved.

I also agree that digital storytelling would benefit overall communication between Managers, multi-level peers, and direct reports. I often face situations with poor communication in groups, teams, and business units. The use of different media, including pictures and music, to tell a story would introduce or reinforce cohesion in messaging, and business objectives would be much more clear in their delivery.

The biggest challenge in the business environment is the proper use of time. I would have to seek buy-in from executive leadership and I think that a small test group would be the best course of action initially. A secondary challenge would be that not all participants would be comfortable with the technology required. This could lead to impatience and frustration if not approached correctly.

In conclusion, digital storytelling can be a powerful learning tool. Participants would be engaged on a new level and pushed outside of their comfort zones. This is important for learning, and there is a certain amount of nurturing that would be involved to keep from this being an uncomfortable or frustrating experience.