On page 7 Lankshear & Knobel refer to and explain New “Technical Stuff”. I appreciate new technical stuff, especially when it delivers a message. The message can be text, picture, video or music and the ability of the human mind to continue to push the boundaries of new technical stuff is amazing.

I was speaking with my daughter this morning, a high school student, regarding something that most of us have thought of, but maybe don’t realize, is how quickly most information that is delivered to us fades. There are so many tools and resources available to deliver information causing the info to lose its value very quickly. Snapchat for example, continues to grow in popularity as different demographics become engaged. The whole premise of Snapchat is to quickly deliver a message, after opening it is gone and almost immediately replaced with the next message. We see this same trend in news delivery, television and music. We quickly move on to the next sensation, thinking little, if at all about what we just heard or read only moments prior.

This is not always a bad thing. Messages that are very important could otherwise continue to linger and lead to a larger social discourse. This potentially leads to conflict or agreement and eventually society will naturally welcome change.